Are your maintenance storage plan flights, compliant?

Are your maintenance storage plan flights, compliant?

Are your maintenance storage plan flights, compliant?

Are your flights, as part of Maintenance Storage Plans, compliant? In 2019, EASA published Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/1384 establishing operational requirements for the conduct of maintenance flights under Part SPO.SPEC.MCF of the regulation.

The Air Ops regulation was amended in order to define accurately categories of maintenance check flights and to set the minimum requirements for operators, including flight crew requirements and the procedures to be observed in the preparation and conduct of those flights. It also amended Part-M responsibilities, specifically M.A.201(k).

Due to the COVID-19 impact on air travel, many aircraft are currently parked and subject to maintenance storage plans. Under the regulations, the flying of such aircraft can only be done by an Operator, compliant with the Part SPO.SPEC.MCF regulations.

Aircraft under the control of an AOC can be flown by flight crew as part of the AOC, subject to compliance with the regulations. However, aircraft not listed on an AOC, such as aircraft returned to a lessor, must also be flown in compliance with the regulations.

This is where the services provided by Technical Flight Solutions (TFS) come in. TFS have been established to be fully compliant with Part NCC and Part SPO regulations. As such, when TFS operate maintenance flights of aircraft in storage programs all regulatory, operational, and crewing requirements are looked after by TFS

TFS ensure compliance with the regulations, meaning organisations can have full confidence in the compliance, safety and insurance aspects of such operations

All CAMO’s, MRO’s, Leasing Companies and Airlines should ensure that they are clear on their responsibilities and that their procedures around managing and coordinating these maintenance check flights ensure continued compliance and meet the required levels of safety.