What We Do

What We Do

Over the last number of years, the number of maintenance check flights, delivery/redelivery flights and flights involving aircraft in long term storage has increased exponentially. As aircraft are moved from one entity to another all over the world, there is a continuous need for qualified crew, under the supervision of a regulated entity, to conduct such operations.

Technical Flight Solutions operate under the supervision of the Irish Aviation Authority. Technical Flight Solutions comply with the recently expanded EASA Part NCC and Part-SPO.SPEC.MCF regulations. All our flight crew undergo extensive training in the conduct of maintenance check flights and are approved to conduct 'Schedule A' operations*.

Note: Schedule A operations as defined in EASA Annex VIII (Part-SPO) Subpart E, Section 5, Maintenance Check Flights

Our pilots are trained to perform maintenance check flights on the following aircraft types:

  • Airbus 320/330 and 350 aircraft
  • Boeing 737/777 and 787 aircraft
  • ATR 42 and 72 series aircraft
  • Bombardier Dash 8 aircraft
  • A large variety of Business Jets

We work extensively with both Aircraft Manufacturers to give our pilots the support they need. We also utilise industry leading charting and flight planning products,  ensuring flights are conducted in the most efficient manner possible.

We also work closely with the Irish Aviation Authority to ensure regulatory compliance in a highly regulated environment. This gives our customers the peace of mind they need from a safety and compliance perspective when encountering requirements to operate 'schedule A' check flights.

Technical Flight Solutions work with customers to tailor the exact flight schedules required. We then provide highly trained flight crew to perform the flights. TFS aim to give customers reassurance that such flights are conducted as safely as possible, under the umbrella of a regulatory compliant organisation.

We provide operational and flight crew expertise to customers enabling the conduct of the following:

Acceptance Flights

Pre-delivery Acceptance Flight for new company aircraft or aircraft leased or purchased from another aircraft operator. These Maintenance check flights are conducted in accordance with the Customer Acceptance Manual with agreed profiles to ensure customer satisfaction.

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Maintenance Check Flights

A maintenance check flight may be required after heavy maintenance on an aircraft to provide reassurance of performance or establish the correct functioning of a system that cannot be fully established or verified during ground checks. A maintenance check flight often forms part of the continuing airworthiness tasks necessary to ensure the serviceability of operational and emergency equipment.

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Elective Check Flights

An Elective Check Flight is often required by an operator to fulfill part of an end of lease condition or prior to sale to another operator. Working with TFS, specific elements of an elective check flight can be tailored to a flight schedule to ensure fulfillment of end of lease conditions in a safe and compliant environment.

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