Maintenance Check Flights

Maintenance Check Flights

A maintenance check flight may be required after heavy maintenance on an aircraft to provide reassurance of performance or establish the correct functioning of a system that cannot be fully established or verified during ground checks. A maintenance check flight often forms part of the continuing airworthiness tasks necessary to ensure the serviceability of operational and emergency equipment.

When conducting Maintenance Check Flights, the question "Who Is the Operator" is often asked?

The answer is that Technical Flight Solutions becomes the Operator.

Technical Flight Solutions has been set up with a Company structure that complies with the requirements of ORO.GEN. ORO.MLR. and SPO.SPEC.MCF regulations.  

Our dedicated crew comply with the training requirements of Part FCL regulations as they operate under the supervision of the in-house training department. Customers can be assured that all crew involved in Maintenance Check Flights operate to the highest standards of safety and in compliance with the associated regulations.

TFS strive to provide a seamless solution to the problems associated with Maintenance Check Flights for all our customers.